A week before iOS 12 where are we with adoption rate.

Apple is going to release iOS 12 next week. What does it mean for iOS developers is that they need to start supporting newer version of iOS. What Apple suggests is to support two latest versions of iOS. But are we really ready to drop iOS 10? Let’s take a look at some real data that is gathered from apps that we are developing at AppUnite.

As an example I have chosen 3 different apps that have relatively a lot of active users. Each app is targeting different types of users and different markets.

I have checked other apps too and in every case only 5–10% of active users are not using latest iOS. Also, you need to keep in mind that this number is going to decrease each day.

We always suggest to the clients to support two latest versions of iOS, because it speeds up the development and gives better possibilities to use new system features. The advantages you gain by dropping older versions outweigh the disadvantages. One more thing, Apple likes to promote apps that are using new system features, so instead of wasting time to support old systems, start using complete iOS 12 potential!

How does it work in your case? Are you planning to drop iOS 10 soon?

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