Last time we covered two approaches to team building. Now, let’s go a bit deeper.

Let’s talk about the size of the team. Team size depends on the amount of work that needs to be done, number of the technologies you want to use, when you want to have it ready and a few other, smaller details.

Most business owners focus on time — deadlines, specifically. Of course, the schedule defines when and if the product is going to earn money. However, time is the most difficult to control. It’s rather resultant of other components. If you start thinking that…

In the last post, I shared my thoughts on building an in-house team. This time, let me discuss an alternative.

If your business isn’t strictly about the software, e.g., you aren’t building a dating or social app, it probably makes sense to outsource the development.

What are the pros of outsourcing?

  • You benefit from the knowledge gathered by the agency over the years. They might have solved similar issues before. The team shares the knowledge and experience not only within your project but across the whole company.
  • The entry cost might be significantly lower. You don’t deal with the recruitment, hardware, onboarding, etc.
  • You are able…

It’s not just a good idea, but great products that make winners.

Basically, there is no great product without a great team.

You might invest your time in building a team, but for sure

there are plenty of things you might invest this time in

to make sure your company succeeds.

You’ve probably already checked the rates of the developers and compared that to the rates of the software houses in your area. Hiring a team looks like a good option for your budget. If you consider the per-hour developer rate, it does seem to be the case. …

As developers, we are used to working in small iterations. It makes our work more productive and allows us to do less mistakes. We also like to see the result very quickly. We like to receive feedback quickly. This is what drives us. We iterate on the Architecture. We iterate on the Code. We iterate on the Code Review, Problem-Solving, Frameworks, Patterns…

If we don’t follow the rules of the dynamic environment, something will eventually bite our asses. We all learn that by experience.

It does not mean we are not able to focus on a bigger picture. We just…

Having analytics-related code on the backend side gives you more flexibility than having them on the mobile side.

Let me show you why it’s true and how to quickly migrate your analytics code to the backend side.

It is hard to synchronise, develop and maintain analytics related code, especially during the ongoing development on multiple platforms. iOS, Android, Web… with its own implementation, developed by different developers can generate different results. Cost of adding another measure is multiplied by number of clients you have in the system. What’s more analytics related code can shadow business implementation, which is very undesirable. …

Are you considering building a new mobile app? Are you sick of articles ‘which is better: native or hybrid’? You’ve heard and read tons of arguments why one technology is better than the other. Good news, here is another one.

I will try to approach the topic a bit differently. Instead of comparing both technologies, I will try to point the key areas which you should take into consideration while making the decision.

Costs and development time are a big factor when choosing the technology. The question is: are you building a small app, or a bigger and longer-lived product…

Dub Dub, as Apple calls WWDC, has just ended. We are after the opening keynote which brings a lot of new stuff. The keynote was split into three parts. The first one addressed Apple platforms — some changes here and there in iOS, macOS and tvOS. The second part was dedicated to hardware. I am going to skip these two parts, as they are very well covered in most of popular tech channels. …

I have spent the last five months working remotely from the north of Thailand and this has been the best time for my personal growth.

The idea of going to Thailand came to me unexpectedly. One day I realized my work is quite redundant. Even challenging projects were not so exciting as they used to be. I had a feeling I need a new, a bigger challenge. I told my wife about this feeling and that I needed a change. During one of these talks we came up with an idea to go somewhere away. …

Apple is going to release iOS 12 next week. What does it mean for iOS developers is that they need to start supporting newer version of iOS. What Apple suggests is to support two latest versions of iOS. But are we really ready to drop iOS 10? Let’s take a look at some real data that is gathered from apps that we are developing at AppUnite.

As an example I have chosen 3 different apps that have relatively a lot of active users. Each app is targeting different types of users and different markets.

Keychain Services provides secure storage of passwords, keys, certificates, and notes for one or more users. A user can unlock a keychain with a single password, and any Keychain Services–aware application can then use that keychain to store and retrieve passwords. ~ Apple Documentation

Keychain is a good place to put passwords, authentication keys or even whole models. But there is one thing that you need to be aware of. Keychain on iOS devices uses passcode to secure values stored inside it.

Piotr Bernad

Building Tech Products @ Appunite. Poznań, Poland.

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