As developers, we are used to working in small iterations. It makes our work more productive and allows us to do less mistakes. We also like to see the result very quickly. We like to receive feedback quickly. This is what drives us. We iterate on the Architecture. We iterate…

Having analytics-related code on the backend side gives you more flexibility than having them on the mobile side.

Let me show you why it’s true and how to quickly migrate your analytics code to the backend side.

It is hard to synchronise, develop and maintain analytics related code, especially during the ongoing development on multiple platforms. iOS, Android, Web… with its own implementation, developed by different developers can…

Keychain Services provides secure storage of passwords, keys, certificates, and notes for one or more users. A user can unlock a keychain with a single password, and any Keychain Services–aware application can then use that keychain to store and retrieve passwords. ~ Apple Documentation

Keychain is a good place to…

Piotr Bernad

Building Tech Products @ Appunite. Poznań, Poland.

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